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Top 5 Melanin Poppin’ Must Haves This Summer

Hear Ye Hear Ye….

Gone are the days where darker queens struggled to find complexion complementing beauty products, and we aren’t impressed with how long it took


….But nevertheless this is a celebratory moment and in the spirit of all things fabulous we have the top 5 Nubian queen’s makeup bag must have’s just in time for summer.


In the UK we predict the sun will be fashionably late but that doesn’t mean it has the be the best dressed to the party.

Pull out all the stops and out shine the sun with this galactic inspired Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter  Aurora Glowkit; £39

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 21.42.57

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 20.44.57
@thejayway1 with the eclipse shade


Don’t be afraid of darker lip shade it is very complementing on dark skin tones, and gives a sexy, exotic look we want all year round.

NYX have a wide range of liquid suede cream lipstick to choose from and better yet they are affordable at only £7 (available in boots in the UK).

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 22.08.03

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 21.36.50
@beautybybemii in NYX Downtown Beauty


Don’t Limit yourself to glowy cheekbones… Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance is a revolutionary all in one make up, moisturiser & glow for body and face!

Available in the UK for £19 at


Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 22.29.26


Inspired by Nefertiti an African beauty icon the palette consists of rich pigmented golds, copper, bronze, browns and more. Swatches of Juvia’s Place Nubian Eyeshadow Palette’s shades will leave you gasping for air and is a must have!

Available in the UK at for £29.95


Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 23.05.09



Whilst we deliberate over the best foundations to compliment dark skin tones, for concealers the champions for value and quality remains LA Girl PRO concealers.

They offer a wide range of concealers with amazing coverage for different complexions at low prices. It’s safe to say LA Girl will be in our beauty products top products list for a long time.

Available in the UK at for £5.00Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 00.14.38

Now your ready for summer, fix that crown and claim your thrown in all that melanin goodness as the H.B.I.C (Head B*tch In Charge)!

giphy-downsized (1)

Donut Kill My Vibe: Competition

We are extremely excited about this competition so please Donut kill our vibe! 

We teamed up with the guys at @happydonutsportobello on Instagram to bring you the perfect treat. We are giving one of our lucky readers the chance to win a box of 6 amazing donuts in exchange for a honest review!

Happy Donuts launched in 2016 by Jonathan after he spent 15 years in the restaurant business. Every donut is made by hand and the ingredients are locally sourced. The best part is every donut that is not sold at the end of the day gets donated to charity. How amazing is that?! Make sure you follow them on Instagram and show them some love. 

The competition is real simple because ain’t nobody gat time for no 10 step competition! All you need to do is answer the below question:

If you could create your own donut, what will it be? 

Get real creative, the best one will win this competition. You have until Friday 22/09/2017 at 12pm GMT! 

Go! Go! Go! 


Maxwell covenant Garden: Review

The wait is over, our Lucky subscriber Tina Manu won our weekly restaurant competition last week to dine at Maxwells convenant garden for freein exchange of a honest review of what she ordered. 

Name of dish: BBQ Wings

Price: £6.95

Score out of 10: 8/10

“Crispy, coated/smothered in a Smokey BBQ sauce.Packed with flavour. Sweet, but not too sweet, Tangy after taste.

Hand wipes, highly recommended.”

Would you recommend it? Yes, as it’s a good starter to share between 2 people.

Name of dish: Baby Back Ribs 

Price: £17.95

Very Meaty, tender, easy to cut. Smokey flavour, sweet but not too sweet. Slightly spicy with a peppery kick. 

Very generous portion (3 portions)

I could not eat all the ribs as I needed to make room for my dessert, so I took the remainder home. 

Would you recommend it?  Yes, the portion size was very generous. The ribs could easily share between 2 people. Good value for money. 
Score out of 10: 9/10

Name of dish: Old School (Burger) 

Price: £11.95
Ordered a well – done burger and received a well-done burger, so I was happy with that. The burger size was decent and tasted flavorsome. The special sauce was packed with flavor. My only call out was the fries portion that comes with the burger. It should be bigger as I had to order a side of fries to go with the main meal. (Side of fries: £3.95)

Would you recommend it?  Yes, as it was tasty and meaty.
Score out of 10: 8/10

 Additional Information: Received lovely customer service from Arianna (Pm). I just wanted to say a massive (Thank You), as good customer service is important. I will be visiting again. See you soon Team Maxwell’s!”
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Must Have Jumpers For A/W 2017 

It’s jumpers and boots season!! This is literally my favourite season of the year. I love the colours, the weather, the jackets, the boots and wearing cozy clothes. Winter means cute little jumpers that you literally wear anywhere and here is our faves (for now). Click on the title to go straight to the item page

ASOS Woven and Knit jumper –> £16.00 

How cute is this little jumper?! Love the back detail and you can’t go wrong with Nudes. Hurry up, they are selling out fast!

ZARA Cropped Sweater with Faux Pearls –> £49.99 

Who said winter has to be boring? Add some bling to your outfit with this cute jumper which you can style in different ways. 

ASOS Oversized dip hem Jumper –> £36 

You can’t go wrong with an oversized jumper and this one is simple but the little details are amazing. Plus mustard is a hot winter colour. 

BOOHOO Distressed Roll Neck Jumper –> £25 

A roll neck jumper is a must have for the cold rainy days. It keep your whole body warm and this chunky knit is super cute!

MANGO Bow Knit Sweater –> £39.99 

I love the sharpness and colour of this sweater. It has a slight off the shoulder look and the bow tie is removable. 

There will definitely be a part two to this they are way too many cute sweaters too choose from! What jumper do you have your eye on right now?

The Pressures Of Social Media 

Queens and Kings let’s talk real quick on how social media lifestyles can completely destroy your mind, just confuse your brain, just end your life. Ok maybe that’s being a little dramatic but the things we see on social media does really affect us and let me explain how. 

Around this time last year as I was scrolling on Instagram, I saw a post from a couple (just a year or so younger than my partner and I) celebrating their new home. They actually owned their own house and that was instant goals for me considering the fact that my partner and I were looking for a new place. I told myself by October 2017 (as I turn 25) I would like to own a 3-4 bedroom house too, somewhere on the outskirts of London. Throughout the year I saw more and more couples pop up as home owners which made me add more pressure on myself to achieve this goal. It is now mid September and I haven’t been able to save 10% of the deposit! Can we just all laugh at how big of a fail this was? 

The problem is we compare our struggles to other people’s highlights. But the truth is we have no idea what happens behind the scenes of the pictures we see. For me, I don’t know the years of hard work that went into this couple buying their house. I don’t know if they have rich parents, I don’t know if they had any financial help, I don’t know if they won the lottery, I don’t know ANYTHING but the final result.

The lesson is do not compare your life and achievements to someone else’s because we have no idea about what goes on. Don’t pressure to live a life you can’t afford just because of social media. It ok to have “goals” but achieve them in your own time. Life is not a race or a competition. 

This blog is to discuss real feelings and issues so Comment below if you’ve been through something similar. 

Dip & Flip : Review

New week, new review, this one is for Dip and Flip in Brixton. Now this review was a last minute one, me and my girl were drawling over their IG pictures at church (yes at church, lord forgive us) and checked and saw it was in Brixton where we currently were. So of course our fat girl instinct’s was to go and order their biggest and baddest burgers, so here it is.

This restaurant is known for it’s heart warming twist to their juicy burgers, they pour gravy onto them, yes gravy and as strange as it may sound, it really works, it gives the burgers a Sunday roast taste.

Warning these flip and dip Burger’s can lead to a heart attack!

Flatlay picture of our order:


Chicken burger & sides –> £10:20 

The chicken fillet was crisp but not dry, this burger was dipped in the gravy, everything in the burger complemented each other, everything was very satisfying to the taste buds.

We give this burger 8/10


Bacon double cheeseburger​ with extra cheese & sides –> £12.70

Where do I start, the beef was juicy and you could just taste good quality well season beef, then they added slaw and cheese on top of cheese, and other tasty things. I just want to dedicate this burger to those who have suffered while eating burger with insufficient cheese, this one is for you. Then we poured the gravy and it was a game changer, i have to say, these flip and dip burgers made me reconsider our ‘2017 best burgers post’ i think a upgraded list is needed.

The only negative comment was that the bacon was about limp and not crispy to my liking.

But we give this burger 8/10.



Dip & Flip burger with Sweet potato fries –>   £13.70

This burger tasted well seasoned and the meat was big enough for the bun, which was a plus. The gravy gave it a Sunday dinner feel which was great because it was a Sunday. This burger was very comforting, this is for when you want to channel your inner obesity self but don’t want to have a heart attack hence why we ordered sweet potato fries lol, which was delish.

We rate this 9.5/10

Overall the food was great will definitely registered and the setting and atmosphere was very lay back but i wouldn’t recommend for a first date.

Tried & Tasted

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Fenty Beauty By Rihanna 

Forget the Kardashians, this is the only make up line everyone should be talking about right now! She did it all for the melanin queens! The foundation shades look so good and at only £26 it is definitely worth a try. 

It was announced back in April that Rihanna will be releasing her own makeup range and after launching it at NY fashion week, it is finally available for all of us to buy! The line went live today at 8am UK time for all our UK queens! 

The products are available right now on Harvey Nichols! The prices are super affordable so start shopping before they sell out. 

Skincare Goodies Available This Week

In order to make our reviews more authentic and real, we send out every product we receive to our readers to try out for a week and send us some feedback. 

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Here are the skincare kits available this week: 

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Kit (x2)

Cougar Beauty Snake Venom Kit

Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Kit

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