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Top 5 Melanin Poppin’ Must Haves This Summer

Hear Ye Hear Ye….

Gone are the days where darker queens struggled to find complexion complementing beauty products, and we aren’t impressed with how long it took


….But nevertheless this is a celebratory moment and in the spirit of all things fabulous we have the top 5 Nubian queen’s makeup bag must have’s just in time for summer.


In the UK we predict the sun will be fashionably late but that doesn’t mean it has the be the best dressed to the party.

Pull out all the stops and out shine the sun with this galactic inspired Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter  Aurora Glowkit; £39

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 21.42.57

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 20.44.57
@thejayway1 with the eclipse shade


Don’t be afraid of darker lip shade it is very complementing on dark skin tones, and gives a sexy, exotic look we want all year round.

NYX have a wide range of liquid suede cream lipstick to choose from and better yet they are affordable at only £7 (available in boots in the UK).

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 22.08.03

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 21.36.50
@beautybybemii in NYX Downtown Beauty


Don’t Limit yourself to glowy cheekbones… Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance is a revolutionary all in one make up, moisturiser & glow for body and face!

Available in the UK for £19 at


Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 22.29.26


Inspired by Nefertiti an African beauty icon the palette consists of rich pigmented golds, copper, bronze, browns and more. Swatches of Juvia’s Place Nubian Eyeshadow Palette’s shades will leave you gasping for air and is a must have!

Available in the UK at for £29.95


Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 23.05.09



Whilst we deliberate over the best foundations to compliment dark skin tones, for concealers the champions for value and quality remains LA Girl PRO concealers.

They offer a wide range of concealers with amazing coverage for different complexions at low prices. It’s safe to say LA Girl will be in our beauty products top products list for a long time.

Available in the UK at for £5.00Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 00.14.38

Now your ready for summer, fix that crown and claim your thrown in all that melanin goodness as the H.B.I.C (Head B*tch In Charge)!

giphy-downsized (1)

Unspoken Rules of London Public Transport 

London is full unspoken rules that we very seriously. Failure to follow these rule will results in loads of huffs & puffs and extreme side eyes from strangers. If you are tourist or even visiting from another city in GB then you need to follow these rules to survive your first commute without ending up in A&E for anxiety! 

1. Speed Walk or Run at all times 

We are always in a rush here especially during rush hour. Everyone is always speed walking to their destination even tough public transport is quite regular. If you are going to walk slow or stand still on the escalators please stand on the RIGHT so the rest of us can go past. 

2. Oyster Must Always Be Ready To Go 

There’s nothing more annoying then standing behind someone at the barriers who is now looking for their oyster / contactless card. Like, you couldn’t find it as you were walking to the barrier? We don’t like time wasters over here so you please step aside.

3. Religion Talks

As a young girl traveling around there was always someone preaching their religion on the bus, train, street etc. However it’s getting rare and rare due to the abuse and side eyes that you are likely to receive. People just don’t want to hear it with everything going. 

4. Don’t Take All The Space 

Please take off your backpacks /sacks and be ready to get squeezed flat. We are all in a rush to get to work and can afford to wait 1 min for the next train. To be fair though the train times are not reliable especially during rush hour so squeeze in any spot you can 

5. Talk Quietly 

Nobody wants to hear your conversation so please hush it up. Anything louder than a whisper is way too loud. 

6. Don’t Make Eye Contact 

No matter how tightly squeezed you are to the person in front of you don’t no make eye contact. I repeat Do Not Make Eye Contact! Us brits cannot deal with that amount of awkwardness, especially before we’ve had some coffee. Just look at your shoes or something

7. Wait Your Turn

This is not secondary school so have some manners you annoying human. We are not queuing up because we don’t have no where to go or because idiots. It is out of respect so please join the back of the queue now before everyone unleashes their frustration on you. 
What Unspoken rules do you have in your city? Let us know!! 


January 2018 Gossip Recap 

So after what felt eternity, we’ve finally made it to the end of January! We did it guys!!! 

Here are a few of the good, the bad and the ugly that happened in the world of celebs this month 

1. Paris Hilton gets Engaged 

We are happy the newly engaged couple and that ring is humongous! Would you say no if your partner proposed with that ring? 

2. Chicago West

So Kim and Kanye had their third baby through a surrogate and her name is Chicago West. They sure do think outside of the box when it comes to naming their kids

3. Larry Nassar Sentencing 

 Justice has finally been serve for all the 150 plus girls that were abused by this ‘man’ for so long.  Larry was sentenced to 175 years in jail and although it can not undo the trauma the victims went through but hopefully it gives them some sort of closure. All you other dirtbags take note and change your life 

4. Chrissy and John Legend 

The couple are expecting their second baby is it’s a boy! He’s going to be super cute.

5. R.I.P Mark Salling 

It is sad to report that the actor committed suicide earlier this week. He is the second actor from glee to pass away. Please if you are suffering from mental illness or suicidal thoughts seek help and fight through! 

What was your top news of the month? 

Are Plus Size Models Really Plus Size?

The featured image is the plus size model for Boohoo ….. just let that sick in. If she is Plus Size then I don’t know what I am to be honest. This model is beautiful however i am not sure if she is not a good representation of us plus size ladies. Having a model with a flat stomach, toned arms and and quite slim thighs is not a realistic representation of what real life Plus Size women look like. If you don’t fit the image of these plus size models than it can create body issues. Also because you end of ordering these clothes in your size and it doesn’t fit or look like the model. 

The plus size range is for sizes 16-24 or more as we can’t shop in the straight size model therefore it needs to be reflected by the model. Not only will it show you how the clothes will look on you, it also increases your confidence to try new styles seeing the models look so beautiful and on trend. Although a model can’t cover the whole plus size community, having “problem” areas that everyone can identify with like thigh thighs, big arms, a belly pugs etc and showing. 

Having real life Plus Size women represented in the media looking fashionable and stylish will not only give other ladies more confidence but it also means more people will be accepting of the beauty in Plus Size women like “hey, she looks great” .

2017 was great for Plus Size fashion with the rise of models like Ashley Graham in the Victoria Secret show, however there is much more to be done. Plus size clothing lines like Evans and Curvissa do use reprentitive models in their campaigns however the younger brands need to be a lot more to be more inclusive. In the social media era where young girls and following and buying from Brands like PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo and Missguided, more needs to be done by those team to make sure all girls are represented and can shop where their friends are shopping. 

Do you think Plus Size Models are representative? 

Bodyform New Advert Shows Period Like Blood – About Bloody Time!

Look how far we’ve come guys ….. The first ever sanitary towel advert to show period blood has been released by Bodyform! Turns out we don’t bleed blue gel or water like they normally show in other sanitary towel adverts, who knew?! 

I am still confused as why it took so long for this to be shown when women have been bleeding every month since the start of time. Why is it such a taboo? But let’s focus on the positive, there’s growth. The advert was so well done and even have the famous shower that we all go through with blood going down your legs. It doesn’t show all the dirty nitty but no one needs to see that anyways. 

Here is the video:

Let us know how you feel about this. Are we moving the right direction or is it Feminism gone too far?

Hottest male celebrities of 2017

Major droll factor ahead!! This year we have seen al ot of major hotties home out of the woodwork, from Instgram model to boys turning into men, it has been the year of the ‘Glow up’. Here is are list of the creme de la creme of hot male celebrities, if your not already stalking them, let us kindly help you.

Jeremy Meeks #Prisonbae

Image result for Jeremy Meeks


Related image

George cloony

Image result

Zack effron

Image result for hottest MALE celebrities 2017

Tom Hardy

Related image

Chris (love Island)

Image result for chris love island 2017

Donnell blaylock

Related image

Zayn Malik

Image result for zayn malik

Devon Murray

Image result for sexy male celebrities

Jason Momoa

Image result for sexy male celebrities 2017

Let us know what you think of our list and if anyone should added. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Trendy & Purse Friendly: Winter 2017

Its Nearly winter, is it me or does everyone find winter fashion exciting, so you know we had to hook you guys with items that will keep you trendy all winter, so you can hot step from the day to the night looking fabulous without breaking the bank.

Rihanna’s song Wild comes to mind when I see these trouser, these are what you call ohh lala pants, because thats exactly what everyone being when you turn up in these.


Prittylittlething: Pants £30

This T paired with some skinny jeans and a leather jacket is a basic daily wear, but the t shirt gives the outfit a bit spice (only for the braves).

Sentence Print T-shirt

Shein £7.09

Although it’s fast approaching winter and everyone wants to keep warm , but we all know, the festive season comes with a lot of parties and event, so having Items that scream ”Hello is a must”

Cobalt Frill Cuff High Neck Bodycon Dress

PrettyLittleThing £10

This handbag is a statement piece, this paired with a cute black dress is just everything.

Metallic PU Chain Crossbody Bag

Shein £20.49

Wink Eyes Print Tee

Shein £7.38

Black Tassel Halterneck Midi Dress

PrettyLittleThing £40

V Neckline Dip Hem Ripped Sweater

Shein £17.34


Coated leather trousers - Dark brown - Ladies | H&M GB 1

H&m Coat £34.99

Chevron Stitch PU Chain Crossbody Bag

Shein £18.12

Black Lace Up Sleeve Blazer

PrettyLittleThing: Blazer £35 Shorts £22


Cut Out Raw Hem Skinny Jeans

Shein £14.18

Pearl Beaded Layered Ruffle Sleeve Jumper

Shein £18.95

Balloon-sleeved top

Cotton blouse with bustier

H&M: £34.99

Applique Flower Mini PU Shoulder Bag

Shein £10.24

Red Draped Frill Side Cigarette Trousers

Missguided: Trouser £25 blazer £14

Let us know what you think and don’t forget to comment and subscribe.


Things To Do in London For £20

The City of London can be quite expensive but they are loads of things to do at an affordable price. Wether it is for your birthday or a girls night, you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. 

Movie and champagne on a Yacht –> £15 

Isn’t this every queens dream? Now you can cruise on a yacht and enjoy a good movie with your girls on a Sunday. Make it the perfect brunch and add a 3-course lunch for only £11 extra! Luxury on a budget. Click HERE for more information. 

Cabaret and cocktails –> £20 (for two)

Cocktails is always a good idea. Enjoy a good show with Vanity Von Glow for only £10 each whilst sipping on a cocktail. That’s cheaper than a trip to the cinema. Click HERE for more information. 

Spa retreat and champagne –> £19 

Indulge in a 4 hour spa access with access to the swimming pool, sauna, steam, gym and much more. To top it off you get to enjoy a glass of bubbly whilst you relax. They are generous enough to give you £10 off any treatment of your choice. Click HERE for more information. 

Theatre ticket –> From £20 

Why go to the cinema when you can enjoy live performances? This is the season to visit theatres as they are loads of shows to see through out the week and tickets are as little as £20! Get the girls together and sing along to Dream girls. This show is so good! Click HERE for more information. 

Now you are ready to take on London with the girls!