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Hottest male celebrities of 2017

Major droll factor ahead!! This year we have seen al ot of major hotties home out of the woodwork, from Instgram model to boys turning into men, it has been the year of the ‘Glow up’. Here is are list of the creme de la creme of hot male celebrities, if your not already stalking them, let us kindly help you. Jeremy Meeks #Prisonbae Drake George cloony Zack effron Tom Hardy Chris (love Island) Donnell blaylock Zayn Malik Devon Murray Jason Momoa Let us know what you think of our list and if anyone should added. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Advertisements

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna 

Forget the Kardashians, this is the only make up line everyone should be talking about right now! She did it all for the melanin queens! The foundation shades look so good and at only £26 it is definitely worth a try.  It was announced back in April that Rihanna will be releasing her own makeup range and after launching it at NY fashion week, it is finally available for all of us to buy! The line went live today at 8am UK time for all our UK queens!  The products are available right now on Harvey Nichols! The prices are super affordable so start shopping before they sell out. 

Skincare Goodies Available This Week

In order to make our reviews more authentic and real, we send out every product we receive to our readers to try out for a week and send us some feedback.  All you need to do is subscribe to the blog and you will receive an email with the next steps.  Here are the skincare kits available this week:  Manuka Doctor ApiClear Kit (x2) Cougar Beauty Snake Venom Kit Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Kit To review any of these goodies just subscribe to the blog now! 

Are Squiggly Brows The Next Big Trend?

We’ve been waiting for the next big trend after contouring and highlighting! something to change the beauty game for the best…. instead we are handed squiggly eyebrows…yaaaay Beauty gurus are loving the trend and filling our social media feeds with it. The eyebrow is achieved by using washable PVA Glue to flatten your hair in one direction before using concealer, setting and pressed powders to hide your actual brows. Then you draw on the wavy eyebrows using a gel liner mixed with powder OMG 😂😂😂 What do you guys think of my brows? #Repost @lanartistry ・・・ Just wondered what @hudabeauty would look like with this brow trend haha😄. I think she looks bomb with any look! 😂😲❤️(it's a sad world without laughter, so let's not be too serious and have a laugh (photoshopped). I dont actually think anyone would walk around with it. Maybe for Halloween or to put a smile on someone's face 😄😄❤️ Pleaseeee be kind to one another sweeties! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ A post shared by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on Aug 30, 2017 at …

Celebrity Gossip: Kim Kardashian and JeffreeStar Fall Out Over Racist Past

Instagram has been on fire over the last few hours especially in the makeup / YouTube world and of course it had to include a Kardashian member. This time it was the queen herself Kim Kardashian West! Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine or vodka (we won’t judge at all) and let’s get into this juicy gossip!  So here’s the low down with screenshots because if there’s no screenshots then did it really happen? Kim is launching more products for her makeup brand and decided to do some swatches on her social media to show her fans. JeffreeStar who is a YouTuber, makeup artist and has his own makeup line took to twitter to blast the socialite saying her make up looked like “chalk”. Suprisingly Kim responded in a posivite way saying she wasn’t upset at all but instead was taking note to improve her products. How mature of you Kim! However things to a turn when she started defending the youtubers racist past and asking everyone to “get over it”. …

Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Swatches and Review PT.2

Did we mention we are in love with juvia’s Place eyeshadows? Just checking! We love it so much we purchased 3 more!! Its a love connection that makes every penny worth it! So here’s a review for “The Nubian” pallete… (Ps Excuse the condition of the palette I’ve used it nearly everyday since I purchased it)   The colours are amazing and self explains why its called the nubian. The pallete plays with beautiful brown and glowy type colours and other warm tones. So because these colours aren’t named I will be swatching them row by row from left to right. ROW 1 Just look at these nudish tones, refreshing and clean and made for light and darker skin tones… wohooo!! ROW 2 If I had a palace these would be the only colours allowed… I mean look at the richness and the pigment in these colours….!!! ROW 3 So these are the third row swatches and have the darker colours made to contour the outer corners of your eyelid. MY FAVES!! My favourite colours …

Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Swatches and Review PT.1

So I have finally gotten my hands on ‘The Saharan By Juvia’s” palette, and “The Nubian By Juvia’s” So the first up is the saharan palette beauty bloggers swear by. The colours are stunning! Just look at that Sokoto…. Drools Colour swatches in order “Zoya”, “Iman”, “Fula”, “Wodaabe” and “Kia” OMG… I’m in love!! I purposely swatched the colours only once without primer to see how the pigments would present themselves and they came out beautifully with no ashiness or fall out! My favourites are the two green colours from the palette “Kia” and “Wodaabe” They don’t sell these in the UK however they do ship here! Waheey! Order yours from Juvias Place for only $25 which is roughly £20 not including delivery!