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Bodyform New Advert Shows Period Like Blood – About Bloody Time!

Look how far we’ve come guys ….. The first ever sanitary towel advert to show period blood has been released by Bodyform! Turns out we don’t bleed blue gel or water like they normally show in other sanitary towel adverts, who knew?!  I am still confused as why it took so long for this to be shown when women have been bleeding every month since the start of time. Why is it such a taboo? But let’s focus on the positive, there’s growth. The advert was so well done and even have the famous shower that we all go through with blood going down your legs. It doesn’t show all the dirty nitty but no one needs to see that anyways.  Here is the video: ​​ Let us know how you feel about this. Are we moving the right direction or is it Feminism gone too far? Advertisements

Hottest male celebrities of 2017

Major droll factor ahead!! This year we have seen al ot of major hotties home out of the woodwork, from Instgram model to boys turning into men, it has been the year of the ‘Glow up’. Here is are list of the creme de la creme of hot male celebrities, if your not already stalking them, let us kindly help you. Jeremy Meeks #Prisonbae Drake George cloony Zack effron Tom Hardy Chris (love Island) Donnell blaylock Zayn Malik Devon Murray Jason Momoa Let us know what you think of our list and if anyone should added. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Trendy & Purse Friendly: Winter 2017

Its Nearly winter, is it me or does everyone find winter fashion exciting, so you know we had to hook you guys with items that will keep you trendy all winter, so you can hot step from the day to the night looking fabulous without breaking the bank. Rihanna’s song Wild comes to mind when I see these trouser, these are what you call ohh lala pants, because thats exactly what everyone being when you turn up in these. This T paired with some skinny jeans and a leather jacket is a basic daily wear, but the t shirt gives the outfit a bit spice (only for the braves). Although it’s fast approaching winter and everyone wants to keep warm , but we all know, the festive season comes with a lot of parties and event, so having Items that scream ”Hello is a must” This handbag is a statement piece, this paired with a cute black dress is just everything.     Let us know what you think and don’t forget to comment and subscribe. …

Things To Do in London For £20

The City of London can be quite expensive but they are loads of things to do at an affordable price. Wether it is for your birthday or a girls night, you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.  Movie and champagne on a Yacht –> £15  Isn’t this every queens dream? Now you can cruise on a yacht and enjoy a good movie with your girls on a Sunday. Make it the perfect brunch and add a 3-course lunch for only £11 extra! Luxury on a budget. Click HERE for more information.  Cabaret and cocktails –> £20 (for two) Cocktails is always a good idea. Enjoy a good show with Vanity Von Glow for only £10 each whilst sipping on a cocktail. That’s cheaper than a trip to the cinema. Click HERE for more information.  Spa retreat and champagne –> £19  Indulge in a 4 hour spa access with access to the swimming pool, sauna, steam, gym and much more. To top it off you get to enjoy a glass of bubbly whilst you relax. …

Celeb Gossip: September Recap 

It is just us or was the celebrity world full of drama last month? There literally something happening everyday! Here is a recap on everything that happened in the US. Get the popcorn ready because it gets juicy!   Kevin Hart Cheating scandal This is has to be the juiciest drama of year! It was a normal day until Kevin uploaded a video apologising to his wife and kids and claiming he was being blackmailed for millions. The internet went crazy trying to figure out what was happening but not for long! A video of Kevin having sex with another woman was released. He was not playing games in that video from what could be heard. I could not believe my eyes. How can Kevin do this to his pregnant wife? His rib (that’s what he calls her)? I am not sure how old the video is but it was after they got married. But the gag is … Kevin’s ex wife always accused his current wife Eniko of sleeping with him whilst he was still …

Donut Kill My Vibe: Competition

We are extremely excited about this competition so please Donut kill our vibe!  We teamed up with the guys at @happydonutsportobello on Instagram to bring you the perfect treat. We are giving one of our lucky readers the chance to win a box of 6 amazing donuts in exchange for a honest review! Happy Donuts launched in 2016 by Jonathan after he spent 15 years in the restaurant business. Every donut is made by hand and the ingredients are locally sourced. The best part is every donut that is not sold at the end of the day gets donated to charity. How amazing is that?! Make sure you follow them on Instagram and show them some love.  The competition is real simple because ain’t nobody gat time for no 10 step competition! All you need to do is answer the below question: If you could create your own donut, what will it be?  Get real creative, the best one will win this competition. You have until Friday 22/09/2017 at 12pm GMT!  Go! Go! Go! 

Maxwell covenant Garden: Review

The wait is over, our Lucky subscriber Tina Manu won our weekly restaurant competition last week to dine at Maxwells convenant garden for freein exchange of a honest review of what she ordered.  Name of dish: BBQ Wings Price: £6.95 Score out of 10: 8/10 “Crispy, coated/smothered in a Smokey BBQ sauce.Packed with flavour. Sweet, but not too sweet, Tangy after taste. Hand wipes, highly recommended.” Would you recommend it? Yes, as it’s a good starter to share between 2 people. Name of dish: Baby Back Ribs  Price: £17.95 Very Meaty, tender, easy to cut. Smokey flavour, sweet but not too sweet. Slightly spicy with a peppery kick.  Very generous portion (3 portions) I could not eat all the ribs as I needed to make room for my dessert, so I took the remainder home.  Would you recommend it?  Yes, the portion size was very generous. The ribs could easily share between 2 people. Good value for money.  Score out of 10: 9/10 Name of dish: Old School (Burger)  Price: £11.95 Ordered a well – …