About Us

Today’s culture is so focused on a unrealistic lifestyle that some of us can’t achieve. With social media bombarding us with people living the perfect lifestyle, looking perfect, wearing the latest designers, travelling the world and staying in 5 star hotels, driving the latest cars and having the dream job or working for themselves is it hard to not feel like a failure.  This is blog is for the everyday QUEEN that may not have all the answers right now on what she wants to achieve, might not be in her dream job, can’t afford the latest trends, doesn’t wake up looking perfect, has the family drama. It is ok to be you, as you are, trying to figure out this thing called life and what really matters to you. We will be right here on this journey with you trying to figure it out too.

We are bringing you up to date with all the latest fashion & Plus size fashion, beauty skincare, D.I.Y, best food spots around London and much more. If you are a queen who like to read in your spare time and likes a bit of banter this page is for you. Pick up your crown and join us as we share our thoughts, opinions and humour with you.