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Unspoken Rules of London Public Transport 

London is full unspoken rules that we very seriously. Failure to follow these rule will results in loads of huffs & puffs and extreme side eyes from strangers. If you are tourist or even visiting from another city in GB then you need to follow these rules to survive your first commute without ending up in A&E for anxiety! 

1. Speed Walk or Run at all times 

We are always in a rush here especially during rush hour. Everyone is always speed walking to their destination even tough public transport is quite regular. If you are going to walk slow or stand still on the escalators please stand on the RIGHT so the rest of us can go past. 

2. Oyster Must Always Be Ready To Go 

There’s nothing more annoying then standing behind someone at the barriers who is now looking for their oyster / contactless card. Like, you couldn’t find it as you were walking to the barrier? We don’t like time wasters over here so you please step aside.

3. Religion Talks

As a young girl traveling around there was always someone preaching their religion on the bus, train, street etc. However it’s getting rare and rare due to the abuse and side eyes that you are likely to receive. People just don’t want to hear it with everything going. 

4. Don’t Take All The Space 

Please take off your backpacks /sacks and be ready to get squeezed flat. We are all in a rush to get to work and can afford to wait 1 min for the next train. To be fair though the train times are not reliable especially during rush hour so squeeze in any spot you can 

5. Talk Quietly 

Nobody wants to hear your conversation so please hush it up. Anything louder than a whisper is way too loud. 

6. Don’t Make Eye Contact 

No matter how tightly squeezed you are to the person in front of you don’t no make eye contact. I repeat Do Not Make Eye Contact! Us brits cannot deal with that amount of awkwardness, especially before we’ve had some coffee. Just look at your shoes or something

7. Wait Your Turn

This is not secondary school so have some manners you annoying human. We are not queuing up because we don’t have no where to go or because idiots. It is out of respect so please join the back of the queue now before everyone unleashes their frustration on you. 
What Unspoken rules do you have in your city? Let us know!! 


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