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January 2018 Gossip Recap 

So after what felt eternity, we’ve finally made it to the end of January! We did it guys!!! 

Here are a few of the good, the bad and the ugly that happened in the world of celebs this month 

1. Paris Hilton gets Engaged 

We are happy the newly engaged couple and that ring is humongous! Would you say no if your partner proposed with that ring? 

2. Chicago West

So Kim and Kanye had their third baby through a surrogate and her name is Chicago West. They sure do think outside of the box when it comes to naming their kids

3. Larry Nassar Sentencing 

 Justice has finally been serve for all the 150 plus girls that were abused by this ‘man’ for so long.  Larry was sentenced to 175 years in jail and although it can not undo the trauma the victims went through but hopefully it gives them some sort of closure. All you other dirtbags take note and change your life 

4. Chrissy and John Legend 

The couple are expecting their second baby is it’s a boy! He’s going to be super cute.

5. R.I.P Mark Salling 

It is sad to report that the actor committed suicide earlier this week. He is the second actor from glee to pass away. Please if you are suffering from mental illness or suicidal thoughts seek help and fight through! 

What was your top news of the month? 


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