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Are Plus Size Models Really Plus Size?

The featured image is the plus size model for Boohoo ….. just let that sick in. If she is Plus Size then I don’t know what I am to be honest. This model is beautiful however i am not sure if she is not a good representation of us plus size ladies. Having a model with a flat stomach, toned arms and and quite slim thighs is not a realistic representation of what real life Plus Size women look like. If you don’t fit the image of these plus size models than it can create body issues. Also because you end of ordering these clothes in your size and it doesn’t fit or look like the model. 

The plus size range is for sizes 16-24 or more as we can’t shop in the straight size model therefore it needs to be reflected by the model. Not only will it show you how the clothes will look on you, it also increases your confidence to try new styles seeing the models look so beautiful and on trend. Although a model can’t cover the whole plus size community, having “problem” areas that everyone can identify with like thigh thighs, big arms, a belly pugs etc and showing. 

Having real life Plus Size women represented in the media looking fashionable and stylish will not only give other ladies more confidence but it also means more people will be accepting of the beauty in Plus Size women like “hey, she looks great” .

2017 was great for Plus Size fashion with the rise of models like Ashley Graham in the Victoria Secret show, however there is much more to be done. Plus size clothing lines like Evans and Curvissa do use reprentitive models in their campaigns however the younger brands need to be a lot more to be more inclusive. In the social media era where young girls and following and buying from Brands like PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo and Missguided, more needs to be done by those team to make sure all girls are represented and can shop where their friends are shopping. 

Do you think Plus Size Models are representative? 


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