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Bodyform New Advert Shows Period Like Blood – About Bloody Time!

Look how far we’ve come guys ….. The first ever sanitary towel advert to show period blood has been released by Bodyform! Turns out we don’t bleed blue gel or water like they normally show in other sanitary towel adverts, who knew?! 

I am still confused as why it took so long for this to be shown when women have been bleeding every month since the start of time. Why is it such a taboo? But let’s focus on the positive, there’s growth. The advert was so well done and even have the famous shower that we all go through with blood going down your legs. It doesn’t show all the dirty nitty but no one needs to see that anyways. 

Here is the video:

Let us know how you feel about this. Are we moving the right direction or is it Feminism gone too far?



  1. Finally advertising is conveying the mortifying thought of waking up atop a puddle of blood in my boyfriend’s bed.

    I’m old enough now that there is no hiding the blood from his cis-male eyes, and I like complaining so much that as soon as that PMS starts I make sure everyone knows what’s happening with my body. But for some reason the idea of waking up and scrubbing your boyfriends sheets is still a little mortifying. Despite menstruating since 2007, I don’t have a sterling record when it comes to avoiding stains. But it’s one thing to stain your own undies, it’s completely different when it’s bae’s sheets. I dread staying at his house; I make sure I sleep on my side, and constantly wake up to double-check nothings leaked.

    This menstrual shame is ridiculous. I can almost guarantee that any long-term boyfriend wouldn’t care, so let’s get comfortable in our own skin, and be comfortable talking about everything to do with periods and bodily functions, because you know what – accidents happen! I’m not saying that next time you bleed on your boyfriends sheets you won’t be embarrassed, but you’ll know that it’s not a big deal and that any boy worthy of your time can deal with a little bit of blood. There’s no need to apologise!

    For more information on the ever-changing stigma’s surrounding periods check out:


  2. Finally 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I wrote an article in response to the responses the adverts been getting. Seriously just took one look at the Facebook comments and lost a lot of faith 🙄 how can blood cause so much havoc?


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