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Celeb Gossip: September Recap 

It is just us or was the celebrity world full of drama last month? There literally something happening everyday! Here is a recap on everything that happened in the US. Get the popcorn ready because it gets juicy! 

 Kevin Hart Cheating scandal

This is has to be the juiciest drama of year! It was a normal day until Kevin uploaded a video apologising to his wife and kids and claiming he was being blackmailed for millions. The internet went crazy trying to figure out what was happening but not for long! A video of Kevin having sex with another woman was released. He was not playing games in that video from what could be heard. I could not believe my eyes. How can Kevin do this to his pregnant wife? His rib (that’s what he calls her)? I am not sure how old the video is but it was after they got married.

But the gag is … Kevin’s ex wife always accused his current wife Eniko of sleeping with him whilst he was still married. This might be true as Eniko and Kevin celebrated their 8 years anniversary not too long ago but Kevin has only been divorced for just under six years. Hmmm shady much? They do say you lose them how you get them!

Kim and Kanye’s surrogate revealed
Pictures of the Kim’s surrogate has finally been released! It was reported by TMZ that she is due in January. What are your thoughts on Kim using a surrogate for her third child? Would you do it if you had the money? 

Kylie Jenner pregnant by Travis Scott

Apparently she’s having a girl! All the Kylie fans have already made photoshoped pictures of her to show us what she will look like with a bump. Are you as excited as the internet about this news?
Serena Williams welcomes baby girl

This is not news but I am super happy for Serena. She seems so genuine so we just glad that she’s living her life and she’s happy. Congratulations Serena girl! 

Selena Gomez undergoes kidney transplant surgery 

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are humans like us with bodies and fighting their own battles. Let’s all send a prayer for Selena as she recovers. 

We will do another post on UK celebrity news too so look out for that one queens! 



  1. Last month has such juicy gossip! Kim and Kanye’s surrogate was the most interesting one to me, since she’s been thinking about doing it for awhile (I love watching Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s). I don’t ever want to have a baby inside me for 9 months so I would be open to during a surrogate.

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