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Donut Kill My Vibe: Competition

We are extremely excited about this competition so please Donut kill our vibe! 

We teamed up with the guys at @happydonutsportobello on Instagram to bring you the perfect treat. We are giving one of our lucky readers the chance to win a box of 6 amazing donuts in exchange for a honest review!

Happy Donuts launched in 2016 by Jonathan after he spent 15 years in the restaurant business. Every donut is made by hand and the ingredients are locally sourced. The best part is every donut that is not sold at the end of the day gets donated to charity. How amazing is that?! Make sure you follow them on Instagram and show them some love. 

The competition is real simple because ain’t nobody gat time for no 10 step competition! All you need to do is answer the below question:

If you could create your own donut, what will it be? 

Get real creative, the best one will win this competition. You have until Friday 22/09/2017 at 12pm GMT! 

Go! Go! Go! 


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