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The Pressures Of Social Media 

Queens and Kings let’s talk real quick on how social media lifestyles can completely destroy your mind, just confuse your brain, just end your life. Ok maybe that’s being a little dramatic but the things we see on social media does really affect us and let me explain how. 

Around this time last year as I was scrolling on Instagram, I saw a post from a couple (just a year or so younger than my partner and I) celebrating their new home. They actually owned their own house and that was instant goals for me considering the fact that my partner and I were looking for a new place. I told myself by October 2017 (as I turn 25) I would like to own a 3-4 bedroom house too, somewhere on the outskirts of London. Throughout the year I saw more and more couples pop up as home owners which made me add more pressure on myself to achieve this goal. It is now mid September and I haven’t been able to save 10% of the deposit! Can we just all laugh at how big of a fail this was? 

The problem is we compare our struggles to other people’s highlights. But the truth is we have no idea what happens behind the scenes of the pictures we see. For me, I don’t know the years of hard work that went into this couple buying their house. I don’t know if they have rich parents, I don’t know if they had any financial help, I don’t know if they won the lottery, I don’t know ANYTHING but the final result.

The lesson is do not compare your life and achievements to someone else’s because we have no idea about what goes on. Don’t pressure to live a life you can’t afford just because of social media. It ok to have “goals” but achieve them in your own time. Life is not a race or a competition. 

This blog is to discuss real feelings and issues so Comment below if you’ve been through something similar. 



  1. Me and my husband go through the exact same thing. We hate renting because we feel like the money we could be spending on a house, could be better used to pay towards our own mortgage! We can’t save up because all the money we get is either going on bills or going towards reducing debt we occurred around the time of our wedding. I get so upset when I see other people buying their own houses but I know that they’ve had financial help from their family which is something that neither of us have. I often have to explain to my husband that we are living our own journey, what will be, will be. We can just focus on continuing to work hard and enjoying the time we have together. Easier said than done though, right? 🙂

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    • So Glad someone else can relate! We don’t have any family to help as well and It is really hard to not compare yourself to others. But yes, work hard and what will be will be!


  2. A few years ago when I was in a depression state I would get on social media and see people I knew out having the time of their lives. They were traveling the world, eating at all these cool restaurants, and just out having fun. I was at home thinking I’ll never be happy enough to have enough fun as them. But I realized that they probably worked so hard to be able to afford to go to all these places. There was probably some breakdowns and hard times but they made it through. I realized that I would make it through too.

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      • I’m doing much better even though I haven’t gotten the chance to travel much. I know I’ll be traveling the world when I’m older. I’ll get my turn someday 💙


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