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Dip & Flip : Review

New week, new review, this one is for Dip and Flip in Brixton. Now this review was a last minute one, me and my girl were drawling over their IG pictures at church (yes at church, lord forgive us) and checked and saw it was in Brixton where we currently were. So of course our fat girl instinct’s was to go and order their biggest and baddest burgers, so here it is.

This restaurant is known for it’s heart warming twist to their juicy burgers, they pour gravy onto them, yes gravy and as strange as it may sound, it really works, it gives the burgers a Sunday roast taste.

Warning these flip and dip Burger’s can lead to a heart attack!

Flatlay picture of our order:


Chicken burger & sides –> £10:20 

The chicken fillet was crisp but not dry, this burger was dipped in the gravy, everything in the burger complemented each other, everything was very satisfying to the taste buds.

We give this burger 8/10


Bacon double cheeseburger​ with extra cheese & sides –> £12.70

Where do I start, the beef was juicy and you could just taste good quality well season beef, then they added slaw and cheese on top of cheese, and other tasty things. I just want to dedicate this burger to those who have suffered while eating burger with insufficient cheese, this one is for you. Then we poured the gravy and it was a game changer, i have to say, these flip and dip burgers made me reconsider our ‘2017 best burgers post’ i think a upgraded list is needed.

The only negative comment was that the bacon was about limp and not crispy to my liking.

But we give this burger 8/10.



Dip & Flip burger with Sweet potato fries –>   £13.70

This burger tasted well seasoned and the meat was big enough for the bun, which was a plus. The gravy gave it a Sunday dinner feel which was great because it was a Sunday. This burger was very comforting, this is for when you want to channel your inner obesity self but don’t want to have a heart attack hence why we ordered sweet potato fries lol, which was delish.

We rate this 9.5/10

Overall the food was great will definitely registered and the setting and atmosphere was very lay back but i wouldn’t recommend for a first date.

Tried & Tasted

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