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Five Guys: Review

There’s no point tackling McDonald’s or Burger King when the new breed of “artisan” burger’s waiting to be devoured. Five guys restaurant is every teen’s version of heaven and with shakes & burgers, its probably most peoples version. The American style restaurant has taken london by storm, with more than 40 restaurants in the UK and more in the pipeline, so lets just say Five guys is le creme de la creme of burgers. So you can see why this review had to happen.

Spicy fries vs Salted fries


The spicy fries, were not spicy, it tasted more like seasoned fries, because I could taste more seasoning than pepper. It still didn’t knock any points because you could have given me these fries alone and I would have left smiling, so I give these 10/10, and lets just add I ordered small fries and they gave me a bag full of fries (there goes my diet).

The non spicy fries just as good, it had just the right amount of crisp, alot of craftsmanship went into creating these fries (I know its only fries).



I ordered the bacon cheeseburger for £9.75 which was the most expensive burger on the menu, which I found abit pricy for just a burger with no side (you heard right). I closed my eyes and paid, because I want to give a fair review its best I get the best they’ve got to offer, I also added extra cheese and topping (topping are all freeeeee) and a oreo milkshake. The total price was……… wait for it….. £17.50. The price alone had my expectations very high.

Lets just say my expectations were met, that burger was oh so juicy, burger juice was dripping from my chin. The cheese galore alone was enough to give me a cardiac arrest, but we say the dirtier the burger the better, and this one was filthy. The bacon was was crisp it just complimented the juicyness of this burger.

The milkshake was alright, but a little to icecream like, I had to suck the milkshake through the straw until I gave up, but lets be honest, I didn’t go there for the milkshake.

Overall Five guys was bae, the price was still a little much, but I really did enjoy their burger, so give them 8/10.

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  1. I’ve always loved 5 Guys because the burgers taste like actual beef lol. The fries I can do without but give me my extra BBQ sauce 🙂 Nice review!


  2. I freaking love 5 Guys! I always get the BLT with pickles and mayo. Then I get the regular fries and a soda. It’s one of my favorite fast food places. I loved this post but now it made me want 5 Guys haha 💙

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