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Are Social Media Relationships Real?

2017 has been the year of Instagram and YouTube couples. Every day there is a new couple popping up on our timeline showing us what the perfect relationship looks like. Thousands of people buy into this and use these couples as their relationship “goal” but how true and real are these relationships? 
This post comes as @Kitagirl921 (on Instagram) just posted a video on her YouTube channel explaining why her and @Terrolllewis (Click HERE to watch the video) are no longer together. 

 For those who don’t know, Nakita and Terroll were a couple from London who made YouTube videos. They portrayed the perfect fairy tale relationship with no arguments and problems just laughter and cuddles. However they stopped posting pictures together when Terroll slapped Little Mix member Leighanne and it was all over the news, he has even been charged with a three years restraining order. In Nakita’s video she explains that Terroll was violent and has a mental problem. The perfect relationship didn’t seem so perfect anymore. This video has left everyone who followed their relationship so confused because it is so far from what they portrayed. 

So let’s talk team! Do you believe the relationships on social media are real? Do you have a favourite couple that you follow? 

Personally I don’t use any social media relationship as “goals” because you never know what happens behind closed doors. 

Comment your thoughts below! 


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