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Celebrity Gossip: Kim Kardashian and JeffreeStar Fall Out Over Racist Past

Instagram has been on fire over the last few hours especially in the makeup / YouTube world and of course it had to include a Kardashian member. This time it was the queen herself Kim Kardashian West! Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine or vodka (we won’t judge at all) and let’s get into this juicy gossip! 

So here’s the low down with screenshots because if there’s no screenshots then did it really happen? Kim is launching more products for her makeup brand and decided to do some swatches on her social media to show her fans. JeffreeStar who is a YouTuber, makeup artist and has his own makeup line took to twitter to blast the socialite saying her make up looked like “chalk”. Suprisingly Kim responded in a posivite way saying she wasn’t upset at all but instead was taking note to improve her products. How mature of you Kim! However things to a turn when she started defending the youtubers racist past and asking everyone to “get over it”. This sent everyone crazy! YouTuber and influencer Jackie Aina even responded to Kim. Now for those who don’t know JeffreeStar has been caught on video calling people the N word and not in a innocent way if you know what I mean, he was saying it to be mean. 

A few hours later, Kim Kardashian released another video apologising to her fans for defending Jeffre Star explaining that she was naive and didn’t know the extent of the situation. Once again well done Kim, very mature of you. Isn’t Kim the perfect role model business wise? I am really starting to see what the fuss is about when it comes to Mrs Kim Kardashian West. 

Here are the screenshots and videos!!!



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