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Cougar Beauty Review Plus Discount Code 

We like our reviews to come straight from our readers so if you would like to review every product we receive all you have to do is subscribe to our website. Every time we have new products we will chose one of our subscribers at random, send you the products to try and yes you can keep it too! All you have to do is send us your review after seven days so subscribe subscribe subscribe!!! 

This review is going to be quick and super affordable so have your credit card in hand! 

I discovered this brand as I was looking for a more affordable every day cleanser and the name instantly caught my attention. I mean I’m not a cougar but these cougars are winning so if they use these products then I need every single one! But jokes aside, this brand is British based, natural, cruelty free and super affordable so it ticks all Pinkkrown points. 

This Wild Caviar range smells amazing and made my skin clean. I use the face mask followed by the cleanser and day moisturiser and I would definitely recommend. I would rate it a good 7/10 overall. 

You can use the code: 30Blogger to get 30% OFF across their website which is amazing. Tell them Pinkkrown sent you.

What skincare brand/ product are you loving right now? 


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