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Fashion Trends That Need To Die Now!

Dear Fashion, you are tired. It is time to retire some of your old ways and do what you are supposed to do best: move forward.

Here are some trends that need be dead and buried by the end of the year.

over priced/rated celebrity collection

yeezy collection

We love you Kanye but this walking dead fashion trend need to be gone, Many people may not agree, but they are well overpriced, and over hyped.

Nudity fashion

Like runway nudity, there was a time when nude-illusion dresses on the red carpet felt fresh and exciting, but too much of everything is bad.

We get it! You are hot! As much as we love to see your bootilicious bodies, it is time to give it a rest.

Related imageImage result for nicki minaj boob

Related image

Corset t shit dress

Image result for kim kardashian corset t shirt dress

Perspex shoes

Image result for perspex shoes

Image result for perspex boots

Tracksuit and heels

Image result for adidas track pants womens with heels

Image result for track pants womens with heels

Camel coat look (fashion bloggers starter kit

Although this trend was a nice one at first, but this is just those trends that had everyone looking like they were in uniform from men to women. Every fashion blogger had a camel coat look and quite frankly if you didn’t own one, you just weren’t cool.

Image result for camel coat outfit ideas

If there is a fashion trend you think we missed, comment and let us know.






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