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Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Swatches and Review PT.2

Did we mention we are in love with juvia’s Place eyeshadows? Just checking!

We love it so much we purchased 3 more!! Its a love connection that makes every penny worth it!

So here’s a review for “The Nubian” pallete…

(Ps Excuse the condition of the palette I’ve used it nearly everyday since I purchased it)



The colours are amazing and self explains why its called the nubian. The pallete plays with beautiful brown and glowy type colours and other warm tones.

So because these colours aren’t named I will be swatching them row by row from left to right.



Just look at these nudish tones, refreshing and clean and made for light and darker skin tones… wohooo!!



If I had a palace these would be the only colours allowed… I mean look at the richness and the pigment in these colours….!!!



So these are the third row swatches and have the darker colours made to contour the outer corners of your eyelid.



My favourite colours in the palette even though I absolutely love the rest these whisper sweet things in my ear…

Overall View…

These eyeshadow colours are made for women of all colour shade in particular women of darker skin tones for whatever the occasion may be you can mix and match the colour for anything and anywhere. Weddings, Work, Clubbing, Partying. You name it you can rock it!

The quality is ace and the pigment is rich A eyeshadow bible and a must have in your makeup collection!

Juvia’s place is now available in the UK…too bad I got mine from the US and had to pay the shipping fee.. but I’d do it again because its worth having for the extra months I had it for.


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