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How Authentic Are Blogger Reviews in 2017?

Whether you are a blogger or a reader, grab a cup of tea and let’s get into this juicy Tea!

For those familiar with Patricia Bright, she did a FashionNova try on Haul and review on her youtube channel about six weeks ago where she paid for all the clothes herself and hated most of it. Her comments on the clothes was extremely funny, real and seems like what most people felt about the brand. That video has over a million views and the comment was full of people sharing their experience with FashionNova both good and bad. They were even people wanting to try the brand to see what the fuss is for themselves. This is what blogging is about, sharing your own opinions and thoughts and connecting with others.

Now the juicy part is FashionNova saw Patricia’s video and contacted her! They gave her a tour of their warehouse and more clothes to review. In this second video which you can find on our homepage, her review was much nicer and she seem to like the products more. She was still very much herself, real and funny as before but her opinion was different. She clearly explained in her video that she was given more expensive and better quality products compared to the last video, which is completely true when you compare both videos. However her comment section went absolutely crazy with people assuming she was being nice because the clothes were free and the video was sponsored. This opens up a whole can of worms on how authentic bloggers are with their review when they are being sponsored by brands.

When bloggers first started gaining fame years and years ago, their opinion was respected and trusted by all their readers. If you followed a blogger and they did a review on a product and/or brand then you never questioned their word. You would just go out and buy the product if you could afford it. For example when make up youtubers  started talking about how amazing the Ben Nye Banana powder was, we all went out and bought one. However you now have some bloggers who are only in it for the money and free products which is affecting the industry. They work with every single brand that contacts them and give each brand the same review. How many times have we seen “I love my product from ….” all over social media? On the flip side you have Kim Kardashian, whose opinion is extremely valued by her followers even when they know she is being paid to post the product and say nice things. They buy into whatever she is selling which is why her contour stick sold out in minutes. At the same time she is quite careful in picking the brands she promotes.

Let’s get into this discussion queens (and kings).

If you are a blogger, is your review 100% real even you are being sponsored? Do you try to be a bit kind even when the product is terrible to not scare other brands away?

If you are a reader, do you still value the opinion of bloggers? Do you trust what they say enough to invest in the products?

Let us know your thoughts!




  1. I feel like when a brand is sponsoring a post, reviewers will be slightly nicer than they otherwise would be, still bloggers should strive for integrity in their work to create a more valued following. Just my thoughts anyway


    • Completely agree!! Bloggers should be completely honest whether it is sponsored or not. Or just work with brands that they actually believe and not just everyone offering products

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