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Tips: How To Stay Organised 

Do you ever have so much things to do that just thinking about it makes you tired and just go to sleep? Yup, me too! Working a 9-5, being a mum, being a wife and running two businesses, I struggle so much with my time keeping. A typical day is get home from work (after picking up my daughter), start dinner, look after the baby, start writing a blog post, burn dinner, argue with partner about burning dinner ….. you get the gist. Nothing is ever done properly.

After doing research I found the perfect tool to stay on top of things. It takes a while to complete but at least things will be done and it removes the stress of having to do everything at the same. What better way to spend your Sunday then to prepare for the weekend ahead? So here’s a 7 day challenge for us all starting tomorrow! Follow our Instagram for day to day updates (@PINKKROWN).

The first part is to plan your whole week with tasks that you need to accomplish each day even your every day duties e.g. Making dinner. This plan doesn’t need to be time specific or perfect, it’s just a brainstorm. Here is a template to help, you can print it out aswell:

Now this is where it gets tricky and daunting but definitely worth it. You now have to plan each day out to the T, including time. If your day starts at 7am then write down everything thing you are going to do from 7am till bedtime even getting ready for work. It might seem a bit excessive but it will help you complete all your tasks because you do one thing at a time. Always leave an hour or two a day in case anything pops up. If you can’t finish everything in one day then push it to the next day. This plan will show up you if you’re doing too much or not enough. Here is a template:

(Both templates are from “Just a girl and her blog” make sure to check her out!)

Alternatively you can download “Productive” from the App Store.

Now that we have all the tools to be organised adults so let’s start this seven day challenge! Make sure to let us know how it goes. How do you stay on top of things?


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