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H&M Skincare Review 

Over the pass year or so high street clothing brands introduced their own skincare / makeup lines. You can walk into primark, new look, H&M and they well be selling make up and skincare products for sure. However there is something weird about buying skincare from these clothing stores. It’s like buying paint from a butcher. Weird right? 

I walked into H&M for some jewellery and thought why not try some skincare products too and let’s just get into this review ….. 

Shower oil –> £4.99

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this amazingness before? It is literally an oil that lathers up as soon as you add water. This is perfect if you have dry skin as normal shower gels can be too dry. The only downside is the price. £5 for a shower gel this small is asking for too much. 
Body scrub –> £7.99

I’m not a fan of body scrubs personally and this product didn’t help much. It does smell amazing but I don’t think it scrubbed or cleaned my skin. However I did ask my mum to try it for a few days and she loved it and felt a difference. So I guess you have to try to know. 

Eye make up remover –> £3.99 

This product was a fail for me. I expected it to effortlessly remove my mascara and it really didn’t. I had to scrub hard but there was still mascara left on. 
What high street skincare brands can’t you leave out? 



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