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Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Swatches and Review PT.1

So I have finally gotten my hands on ‘The Saharan By Juvia’s” palette, and “The Nubian By Juvia’s”

So the first up is the saharan palette beauty bloggers swear by.

The colours are stunning! Just look at that Sokoto…. Drools


Colour swatches in order “Zoya”, “Iman”, “Fula”, “Wodaabe” and “Kia”

OMG… I’m in love!! I purposely swatched the colours only once without primer to see how the pigments would present themselves and they came out beautifully with no ashiness or fall out!

My favourites are the two green colours from the palette “Kia” and “Wodaabe”

They don’t sell these in the UK however they do ship here! Waheey! Order yours from Juvias Place for only $25 which is roughly £20 not including delivery!



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