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July Skin Care Wish List 

With pay day around the corner I have already thought about what skincare products I would like to try next. Some of these products are super pricey for me but they would totally be worth it!
Here are the top products / brands on my wish list.
Clinique Sonic cleansing system –> £79.00

I have been wanting this brush for so long but the price is so painful to my heart! I even ordered a similar brush from eBay for less then £15 which was really good so I can only imagine what the Clinique version is like. Plus it comes with free skincare products so it’s a yes from me.
Herbivore Botinacals Dry Skin Kit –> £111.60

I like that their products are all natural and plant based. I’ve been wanting to add the pink clay soap but i have the whole kit will give better results. The only dislike is their pricing strategy, I mean why £111.60? It could have just been £110 or £112.
Dr Hauschka skincare –> from £25 upwards

Any skincare name that has “Dr” in I love and trust already. I like discovering new brands and this is one of them. The reviews are quite little but I do it’s all natural ingredients and cruelty free.
Pixi Glow Kit –> £20

This brand has been going around on Instagram and the packaging caught my attention. The prices for these products are right up my street. So definitely worth a try for me. Review on this coming soon.
If you’ve tried any of these brands / products please let us know if it was worth it.


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