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Top Red Carpet Makeup Fails

Many of us were left wondering if Claudia Winkleman had lost her marbles after turning heads for all the wrong reasons with her bizarre smokey eyed make up.26C35A7A00000578-0-image-a-10_1426680298741.jpg

Kendall Jenner was caught slipping with a two-toned chest, which appeared to be the result of badly applied contouring bronzer, leaving her with an unfortunate mark around her breasts.


Taraji P. Henson is usually always so clean-cut on the red carpet! We’re not exactly sure what was going on in her head when she decided to pack on so much white powder



Kim Kardashian recently debuted her makeup line which has been reported to have made 14 million dollars in one day. But who remembers this Kimmy from years ago. She looks like a creepy doll!



The old Miley Cyrus may have been known for her several fails from the past years but she topped all the fails when she had this makeup look.



Ferne’s face makeup was about three shades lighter than her body. Either that or she’d just covered herself with a highlighter. Either way this is not a good look



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