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Baby’s First Holiday Abroad – What To Pack 

Last month as I was planning my first trip abroad since having a baby, not only did I not know what to buy for myself (because the body is different now if you know what I mean) I was even more clueless on what to pack for my daughter who is just 9 month old. Now we have traveled around the UK here and there but travelling abroad is a whole different ballgame especially with the 10kg hand luggage restriction. I search high and low on the internet on what to pack but everything was quite long and confusing. 

After conquering my first trip abroad with an infant heres a few things I would recommend you pack. 
Ready made milk bottles

Because of the airport 100ml rule for liquid for hand luggage I only packed one bottle. However I learned that you’re allowed to bring as many ready made bottles as you’ll need depending on how long your flight is. It is much easier to use the ready made milk than the powder when traveling as it doesn’t need to be warmed up and reduces the stress on you. 

Baby carrier

This is a must have! It allows baby to really take in the new environment. My daughter loved being in the carrier as we trekked the streets of Spain and the rock of Gibraltar. She would kick her legs and interact with everyone passing her by. The baby carrier also allows you to take baby everywhere you go, no restrictions ( unless it’s the club, I wouldn’t advise that) 

 Toys, toys and more Toys! 

I completely forgot to pack any toys and regretted it as soon as we sat on the plane. She refused to stay still and kept kicking the chair infront and shouting. Lucky for me the flight was only a few hours and a dummy puts her right to sleep. If you’re taking a long flight or have an active baby then please pack all her/ his favourite toy. 

Hair wash products ( the usual ones you use at home) 

I was only traveling for four days so didn’t think I would need to wash her hair but I was wrong. We went to the beach on the second day and she got sand in her hair which was a pain to get out whithout her shampoo. The sun and pool water also dried out her hair and I had nothing to keep it soft and moisturised. Lesson learnt for next time

This is quite obvious but just in case you’re not sure please pack some. Not matter what skin colour you are, you’re baby needs some sun protection. Especially if the sun excepted to be as high as 30•c or more and your baby will be exposed to the soon during the day for hours. 
Loads of clothes

This is another obvious one but my daughter needs to change clothes three times or more in one day so this was necessary for us. Hotels do offer a dry cleaning service so that’s a good alternative if you’re tight on space. Going on holiday was the perfect opportunity to dress my baby up and buy matching outfits and I took full advantage! I now have super cute pictures of us to show her when she’s older. 

I could go on and on but everything seems pretty obvious. If you’re a mum, what can’t you travel without? Comment below! 


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