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Being depressed and Having depressionp?

Breaking Down the Stigma of Depression. The ignorance about mental health issues that continues to exist among us young people, that’s why many of us suffer with depression without seeking help or being diagnosed. I guess many of us associate anything to do with mental health to mean you’re crazy or you will have to take all types of drugs for the rest of your life.

Also knowing the difference between being depressed and having depression because you would be surprised to know how many people don’t actually know the difference.

Being Depressed

People commonly say they are depressed after losing a job, finishing a major project, or having a baby. This  period of sadness that is caused by something, so if that something is changed, normally that temporary sadness will also be lifted

Being depressed is a response to something, generally bad or hard to handle.

Having Depression

This is a medical condition, that is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, a depressed person does not receive the chemical necessary to allow them to function and deal with situations normally. The imbalances affect their mood, energy levels, thought patterns, sleep duration and quality and are often compounded by anxiety,

Depression is a very dark place. It clouds the depressed person’s mind, it makes you think about the past, the future, it takes away every good thought and experience and bring you in the darkest spot ever. Depression tells them they are a disappointment and a burden to their loved ones. Since a depressed person is a burden it makes the darker thoughts easy to believe, that their family would be better off without them

People have no problem with someone taking medication for diabetes. No one judges the diabetic or a person with cancer. Seeking treatment is encouraged and supported. Depression should be treated no differently in this regard. 80% of people who seek medical help for depression find a cure. I think those are good odds.

I am simply a voice, crying from my desktop, sharing my experience with being depressed and hoping that someone else can feel less alone and comfortable to share their experience.




  1. I don’t feel so alone anymore! I’ve had depression… on and off for years. There were times when I didn’t want to be around anybody to bring them down. I thought a lot of people would be better off without me. I haven’t gone to a doctor for medicine but it’s getting better and easier to deal with. I’ve had counseling and a lot of support from my boyfriend, constantly assuring me that everything will be alright. Best wishes 💙

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