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5 foods that help you lose weight.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every pound of chocolate you ate would make you lose a pound of flab? well maybe not chocolate but here are some other tasty alternatives.

Water works


Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, detox your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant.

Whole Eggs

They’re high in protein, healthy fats, and can make you feel full with a very low amount of calories, so throw me the eggs.



It is also very tasty oily fish, keeping you full for many hours with relatively few calories.



Mushrooms provide just 20 calories per cup, and they’re the only plant source of vitamin D, a key nutrient linked to lower rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

Green tea


The list of green tea’s benefits is impressive. Regular consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, cancer, and osteoporosis, as well as overall anti-aging benefits. Green is also great for your skin (Tip) put used tea bag on your shut eyes and leave for 10 mins, and say bye bye to puffy eyes

A good rule to bear in mind is to avoid processed foods, which tend to be higher in fat and salt. “If you eat real food, minimally processed, for instance plain nuts instead of those processed with fat, or 100% whole-wheat bread instead of white bread, that alone should help you manage your weight.





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