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Sh*t Dad’s Don’t Want For Father’s Day!

Okay so Fathers day is soon approaching and men are standing up now!

Voicing out to their lazy a*s kids (wonder where they get that from) about what they don’t want (again) this year!

So here’s our guide of things to steer clear from this year to avoid the Kanye smile.

giphy (2)


1. A Gift Certificate To a Spa or Something They Never Do.

They probably wont redeem that manicure or the cooking class on free will.  So just don’t buy it.


2. Socks

Unless it was worn and signed by his favourite footballer he won’t want it

Subject of the Work.

3. LYNX Gift Set

This or any other shower gel set, it stops being acceptable past the age 12. Just don’t do it.


4. Cufflinks

Unless your dad is the prim and proper type, in which case he would already have some, don’t get him cufflinks “just because”.


5. Mugs

Some mugs are okay but they have to either be super funny, wacky or sentimental. However we are talking about the boring mugs available at every supermarket just before fathers day. Yawn.



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