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At Home Face Revitaliser Kit For under £5!

Every Saturday I like to reward my skin for being loyal to me and not breaking out during the week. There’s nothing worse than waking up with two fat pimples on your forehead, a pimple free week is a good week in my books.

This set from Manuka Doctor is really good and only £4.99, need I say more? The normal price is £19.99, so hurry up and get it before it goes. It comes with a Serum, Face mask and a balm / moisturiser. The products are quite small but you can use it more than 5 times which is fair considering the price.
The serum and Face Mask are really good but the face balm is the Beyoncé of this trio. I didn’t realise it contained peppermint oil and applied a generous amount to my face. It burned so bad for a good 30 minutes but it was worth it! My skin felt so plumped and revitalised the next morning. Moral of the story please read the ingredient list carefully and do a patch test especially if you have sensitive skin.

I like all my skincare products to contain natural ingredients without costing me a fortune. All the products in this set contain Bee venom which know for being moisturising and Manuka honey which can only be found in New Zealand. The best part is the prices are super affordable for all that goodness and they always have offers for all the bargain hunters. They are currently having a “buy one get one free” promotion across their entire website so now is the perfect time to indulge and try out all their products.

In case you got there too late, I have a spare kit. Should I do another competition? Leave a comment below!


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