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Brixton, the new Camden!

Brixton is now the hotspot to be both hungry and gluttonous within, being the new Camden when it comes street food and restaurant galore. With new places constantly appearing (and old places disappearing) Brixton is the place to be, for the culinary thrill seekers.

The team at Pinkkrown have taken it upon themselves to do a food crawl, rating Brixton hottest food spots, making things easier for when you hit the market streets of Brixton.



If your looking for an America in London dinning experience, head over to Blues Kitchen, from buzzing live bands to mouthing thirst quenching cocktails.

We all like a bargain, especially when the stomach involved, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, TheBlueskitchen have 50% on your entire bill (for four people), now if that doesn’t get you salivating then I don’t know what will.


A must try would have to be their BUFFalo wings (these are no ordinary wing)  paired with a blue cheese sauce, this was amazzzzing, the zingy tasting was tantalizing all types of taste buds.

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