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Top excuses to get out of work 

With the sun shining everyday it is becoming harder to go in to work. Wouldn’t you rather lay up in the park with a picnic, a glass of wine and getting a gorgeous tan? Yes, sounds like a dream.
I’ve put together all these amazingly believable excuses that even the strictest boss will believe. So pick up your phone and have your bosses number on speed dial.

DISCLAIMER: Every time I say ‘She’ I am referring to your boss because who runs the world? GIRLS! (You sang that didn’t you?)
1. I’m legally blind

If you wear glasses this is perfect for you! How can go to work with no glasses? How sway? How? Just tell your boss you “accidentally” broke or lost your glasses and don’t have contacts or anything. Easy peasy.
2. Oopsie Daisy I did it again

If you’re a clumsy person like me and always falling then this one is for you. It will work even better if you’re know at work for being clumsy. If you’re not then start tripping over and breaking everything now, it’s embarrassing but how much do you want that day off? You can tell your boss you fell in the bath and seriously injured your elbow or something. Be creative but don’t over do it, you don’t want to be asked for a doctors note.
3. SOS please, someone help me!  

Calling in sick with the flu is the easiest way to get the day off work. It was even named the top excuse used by employees so you’re not alone with this one. I’m pretty sure your boss doesn’t want you infecting everyone in the office. She probably won’t believe you but there’s nothing that she can do about it. However to make it as believable as possible start acting ill a few days before the day you plan to call in sick.
4. I just lost my grandma

For those of us that lost our Grandparents already this excuse is perfect and guilt free. You can even get a few extra days off to deal with your lost. Seeing as though we have 4 grandparents, do the maths. That is a lot of days off. Please don’t be mean and use this excuse whilst your grandparents are still alive, they deserve a lot more respect for you. Use an auntie you don’t like instead or a friend that’s dead to you … Just kidding!


5. It’s coming out like lava

This is the ultimate excuse because no one can question you about diarrhea, not even your boss because that is just weird. I mean, how useful are you if you have to run to the toilet every 2 mins? Plus you won’t need to show any proof the next day. Also if your work requires dealing with food then it’s illegal for you to go in with a runny tummy and who can argue with the law? Not me! I use this excuse all the time and it works like magic.
6. Sick baby / No babysitter

Your child comes first no matter what is happening at work. No boss will ask you to leave your sick baby and come to work. If She does then you need to look for another job because you’re basically working for the devil. This is not the devil wears Prada and we don’t play with demons. No thank you. I am really superstitious and scared about these white lies coming true so i won’t use this one unless it is true. If you have a pet and your boss is an animal lover then this will work for you too!
7. I threw my back out 

I have heard this saying a million times and till this day i still don’t fully get the meaning. You through your back out of place? Where did it go exactly? I don’t get it mate. Fortunately for you your boss will understand what you mean and that’s what matters. Alternatively just say “Back pain” and you can definitely get the day off. You can’t work if you can’t sit down, simple.

What’s the best / silliest excuses you’ve ever used to get out of work and did it work? Let us know!


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