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Morning skin care routine

I never used to have a skincare routine until the start of this year. I used to just wash my face with whatever shower gel I was using at the time ( which varied depending on whatever was on sale), apply my makeup and go then wipe my make up off using a couple of wipes before bed. I never got acne but my skin became extremely dry, flaky and I had a lot of what looked like sweat rashes all over my face. I ended up wearing makeup every day to cover up how bad my skin worse which made it even worse, terrible cycle. It was time to break this cycle so I stopped wearing makeup every day, drank lots of water and started a morning and evening skincare routine.

This morning routine takes 15-20 minutes so perfect for all the mummies or ladies rushing off to work/school or the boss queens that do both (like me! Woop woop!!)

  •  Deep Cleansing Face mask –> £17.50 


 I apply this to my face as soon I get to the bathroom in the mornings so it has time to dry whilst I brush my teeth and have a shower. After about 10 minutes, I wash it off using the sponge that it comes. I use this mask every couple of days just because using it everyday might dry out my skin. It smells amazing and the sponge helps to really open up your pores.


  • Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser –> £16.00

If you’ve never heard about the cleanse & polish then i don’t know where you’ve been. This cleanser has received so many awards and it certainly deserves it. I could tell a difference in my skin from the first time i used it. All you need is one pump, apply all over your face and wipe off using the muslin cloth. The cleanser is good and all but the cloth is amazing, that’s the main star! It is literally like sand paper for the skin. Not only does the cleanser deal with all in the impurites and cleasing your skin, the cloth smooths and softens it, Perfect duo! I promise you will love it.


  • Skin Repair™ Light Moisturiser – Combination/oily –> £19.50 


Moisturising is extremely important everytime you cleanse your face, please don’t skip this step. I have dry skin but this mositurer works perfect me as it quite light on my face but still leaves my skin smooth and soft. This moisturiser works perfectly with the cleanse and polish cleanser. Plus It contains Avocado oil you know i had to purchase.


  • 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil –> £15.99

This oil is amzing for the price. It’s got gold dust in it and not too shiny so you get the perfect glow that last the whole day. You can massage it into your face and go or mix it with your foundation to give it a nice glow. Don’t use too much as to not look oily. I use the hand oil because it has the exact same ingredients as the face oil but double size, i love a good bargain!.

So here it is queens, quick and easy. I hope this helps, I am looking to try products so please recommend some good natural skincare brands! 



  1. Instead of having really dry, flaky skin, I get very oily and greasy feeling skin. I hate the way it makes my face look. I can’t really wear makeup because it all turns into an extremely oily mess so I’ve given up on that. I have yet to find cleaners that really make a difference in my oily skin. Great post though!


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