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Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs

With social media showing us new trends everyday from around the world we can easily get lost in the sauce (get confused). This is how you end up with a wardrobe full with clothes you can’t wear anymore because it is “out of style”. This is why you wake up every morning with nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is full to the brim with stuff. 

It’s time to change the cycle and the below wardrobe staples will literally save your life – and your bank account too. 

1) Black skinnies

You can not beat a pair plain black jeans! It is a must have in every girls’ wardrobe. You can wear casj or dress it up with a pair of heels for a night out. You can wear it over and over again until it rips or the colour changes. If the colour does change you can easily add knee rips for a edgy look.

2) Basic tee
Wether you’re going to work, university or hanging out with friends – no matter what the occasion is basic tee can come in handy. It give you a clean and casual look. You can always dress it up by adding a statement piece jacket and/or accessories. Pair it with some jeans or cullotes.

3) slip on / plain trainers

Trainers have grown so much in fashion in the recent year that you have the biggest brands coming out with their own pair. They are not just ‘urban’ anymore, it can be worn by everyone. Plus they can last a lifetime if looked after properly. The black and white Adidas, or Nike are a good place to start.

4)  Oversized shirt

This is classic with endless options on how to wear it. You can wear it to important meetings, work and even night outs. The only hard part is choosing between black or white so you might aswell get both.

5) Heeled sandals

These are a must have! They can take literally take an outfit from day to night and can be worn with everything! Black is a good colour to start with but they are endless options on the market.

6) Little black dress

Do you know a lady that does not own a Black dress? Nope, me neither. You can opt for a wrap dress so you can wear it to work or a night out

7) Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are a great accessory. Choose for a bright colour e.g. Orange to add some oomf to your outfit
Here are some outfit inspiration for you

Here are some outfit inspirations to get your creativity flowing!


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