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London’s 5 Top Rated Burger’s? I’ll Be The Judge Of That!



The burger train is still rolling, with the dirtiest and cheesiest burgers on board. Here is our 2017 review on the top 5 burgers:

5: Dirty burger

Dirty burger is worth getting your paws on. At £6 for a cheese burger, it makes every bite worth while. The meat in the bun was extra juicy, (well done) and topped with cheese upon cheese. Lets just say, £6 has never been spent better.


4.Gourmet burger kitchen

Things are getting serious now, this burger was a show stopper, it’s a BLACK BURGER, not burnt, just black. The Chicken ninja special was £10.95. When we start hitting the tens for a burger, it better be the Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea. The burger components alone, made me very excited, (Panko chicken, katsu curry sauce, Tokyo slaw, salad, miso ketchup, charcoal bun). But as the saying goes, ‘never jugde a book buy it’s cover’ because this burger was a very big disappointment. The Panko Chicken was dryyy, the bun was hard and tasted funny, but hey at least it made for a great picture.


3. Sand flames (£13.99 meal deal)

This baby here is a meat feast, For all the meat lovers! Beef and chicken patty served with gherkins, extra cheese and homemade relish! Yummy for my tummy, Looked great and tasted sexylicious.


2. Chicken liquor (Brixton)

Oh Lord, let us say a prayer! This burger was sinfully delicious, the only way to get a bite was for it to be squished down (serious business). The tower block burger (the name is very appropriate) cost only….. £8.75 so under a tenner.  It contained chicken fillet, cheese hash brown, slaw Russian dress and the list goes on.IMG_20170430_144816

1. Mother flipper

But the big question is, ‘Are you ready’? This is not only street foods finest, but this burger is a champion burger and it deserves a medal (No lies). You can find this baby at Brockley Market for only £15 for two (yes I had two).


Feel free to leave a comment, and let us know if you agree with the ranking of best burger, and remember all our burgers are TRIED & TASTED.


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